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To create a new Crystal Button document press New on the Toolbar at the top of the window or New on the File Menu  or press Ctrl-N. You are warned if the existing document has unsaved changes.


To open an existing Crystal Button (.cb) file (A file previously saved using Save or Save as). Press Open on the Toolbar at the top of the window or Open on the File Menu or press Ctrl-O. 

Note that you cannot open jpg, bmp or gif files exported from Crystal Button.



To save the current document as an .cb file press Save on the Toolbar at the top of the window or Save on the File Menu or press Ctrl-S. This lets you reload it back into Crystal Button in the future.

You also can save the current document under a different name.  To do this just press Save As on the File Menu.


Transferring into another application

To transfer current button image into another application, for example into Adobe PhotoShop or Microsoft Paintbrush,  press Copy on the Toolbar at the top of the window or Copy on the Edit Menu or press Ctrl-C. Than press Paste in your image editing application.


To export button image click Export on the Toolbar at the top of the window or choose Export on the File menu or press Ctrl+E. This creates a jpg, bmp or gif file of the current document.

Note that you cannot reload bitmaps back into Crystal Button so if you want to make further edits in the future, save the document as an .cb file.


Setting export quality

To specify the compression options choose Export Quality on the Edit Menu. This displays the Export Quality dialog box, so you can change the default quality settings for gif, jpeg and png image file formats.


Template Library

By default, when you start Crystal Button, you can see the Template Library window at the left side of the window. You can turn this window on or off. To do this just click Template Library on the Toolbar at the top of the window or choose Template Library on the View menu.


Size Modes

By default Crystal Button runs in the Actual Size mode. You can switch Crystal Button to the Increased Size mode, so you can adjust details of your work. To do this  press Increased Size on the Toolbar at the top of the window or Increased Size on the View Menu or press Ctrl-I.

Note that in this mode the image will be draft quality and if you want to export the button image donít forget to switch the Crystal Button to the Actual Size mode back.


Display Settings

You can change the most common Crystal Button settings (image alignment, transparency, dithering options and Template Library settings) by pressing Display Settings on the Edit Menu.



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